#2; Belgium

When you suddenly feel the urge/drive to write keke. 

So today I'll be telling you about my trip to Belgium; the home of the finest-most-delish chocolate you will every taste; Belgian Chocolate!
The journey to Brussels; the capital city of Belgium from Manchester I don't remember how many hours but it is not that long. I got out from my house around 4 am yes 4 in the morning. Well that's what happen when you are going to a trip with your parents. They are always berjaga2 okay takut kena tggai padahai lambat lagi sempat jaaa haha. My parents arrived at Manchester on the 14th and terus bawak p jalan. Tak sempat nak jetlag hihi. 

Look at the date; it was on my birthday! keke

Upon arrival at Charleroi airport, we took a bus which will take us to the city cause it is quite far almost 1 hour. The bus ticket was booked beforehand so it is easier for us. Sampai dekat stesen tercari2 la si awang yg datang drpd jauh tu ihiks. Gagau punya gagau nasib baik jmpak jgak; so we are reunited keke. Terus cari accomodation. Accom pon dh booked kat airbnb. I personally love airbnb. I think the price is cheap and you got comfort and you got to know a very nice host which is not reluctant at all to guide you in any way possible.So yeah airbnb is the absolute choice for me when going on a trip keke. They said something about not being able to know people from different culture etc but I think that totally depends on the individual and what is the purpose of your trip. An added bonus for airbnb is that for someone going on a large group it's cheaper. So yeah who doesn't want any kind of reduced cost right? Always remember to print everything beforehand because sometimes the customs can be a little bit strict.

I love this tree! It really does looks like a haunted-scary-yet beautiful scenery. This was when we are on our way to the apartment. We got here after struggling very hard to find a public phone to call the host and asked where his whereabout and after hopping on a tram and asked several more people along the way we finally found it. I don't have the picture of the house but lemme tell you this it was perfect! Huge, clean, comfortable and moreover it is just a walking distance to the attractions they have in Brussels! *added point. We take a walk later that evening as tomorrow we will be going to Paris*very tight schedule sobs. Anyway it only took about 5-10 minutes to arrive at the city centre. Well if you got lucky and didn't get lost. :p

They have it everywhere. Tapi bolehla cuaca depa tak panaih mai buat kat Malaysia tgok haha

This is just some random shopping mall. Terpaksa masuk sbb awang tu xdak baju haha

Selepas membeli beberapa lai baju di hnm kami pon sampai di city centre. Forgive the takdak quality gambaq. I didn't have my camera yet time ni so gambaq pon xbyk and xberapa nk cantek sbb bateri phone limited xleh snap byk2 and choose the best shoot. haha.

This is the central square of Brussels. Or also famously known as the Grand Place. They have museum here, town hall and maybe a church by the look of the structure and design.

After having captured enough photos and selfies; we went for another walk. And that is when we found this! Fries! haha. Brussels's fries was different they said. So of course we must try it. And oh yes it was tastyyy!

After a while we found the infamous Manneken Pis. Truth to be told, I was kinda disappointed. It is actually very small. And I swear that thing doesn't just pee plain water I feel that is the actual one. Sbb mmg hancing kat situ sobs. And semua org pon berkerumun tgkap gmabq. So ak zoom ja dri jauh hahaha.

Depan sikit ada kedai juai waffle yeay! Waffle pon is a must try kat Belgium tau. I swear that Belgian chocolate is the best one I have ever tasted in my life. haha overrr.Tapi org ckp kalau ambik waffle yg biasa yg sugar tu pon dah sedap but I am hantu chocolate what gives. haha

Then jalan3 lagi pastu dh gelap kami pon balik. hehe.Truth to be told there's not much to look at Brussels. Okay maybe sbb jadual yg ketat. I actually am planning to go the Atomium and everything tapi xsempat kejap sgt. Next time I will definitely go to Brugges! Cantek kat situuu mcm kampong2 sikit. But nevertheless, Brussels still best because it was different. hihi

I turned 24 in Brussels and enjoying it with Belgian chocolate waffle instead of cake! Apa lagi takcukuppp. Syukur. :)
Time ni muka comot jers everywhere keke.

Okay nnt sambung yg seterusnya; #3!


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