#4; Amsterdam!

I will keep on posting because I know there is at least one person religiously read my mengarut stuff keke.

So the next destination during my Easter break is Amsterdam. For this trip, my travel companion is my parents, Jat and his mummy; Makcik Zam. Since Jat is quite meticulous, the itinery was completed way earlier than expected haha. Thank you jat nasib baik ada org yg teliti nk harap aku hmm ke laut jgakla last minute haha.


We slept at the airport that night sbb ambik tiket murah. So early in the morning lepas subuh tu terus p Eurocar and ambik keta yg sudah di-booked! Volkswagen nyahh. Since it is Europe, the driver seat is on the lest which is quite confusing for me sbb lorong simpang dia semua mcm terbalik dgn kita i dont even know how to describe it haha. Adala jgak a few times my dad salah masuk lorong sbb dh besa bawak belah kanan keke. 

Since it is very2 early in the morning, we decided to go to Museumplein first. Museumplein is a public space which locates three of the famous museum in  Ams. Rijksmuseum, Van Gohg and Stedelijk. Again I am kinda a museum junkie tp sbb p dgn geng yg xbrapa fancy dgn museum kita ikut majoriti la hmm. But nevertheleess the main reason we wanna go here is because of the I amsterdam thingy haha. Since kitorg sampai awal sgt lucky for us org xramai lagi so impian utk bergambar solo tu adala haha. Since this is a very hotsppot for tourist attraction this place will be crowded with tourist 10 am ke atas la  plus minus keke. Blakang tu is actually the Rijksmuseum. Owh kat area ni jugak ada Anne Frank's house. Kena jalan skitla but time kitorg sampai xbukak lg so xpegila. Owh and yes bila mai  Amsterdam teringat cerita The Fault in Our Stars. okay selingan,

Although it rains, it doesn't stop us. Basah lencun woii hahahhahaha

I went to take a decent picture of the museum but then I heard a loud sound of the bell tower I believe and suddenly there were a huge flock? of people came from the direction of the museum with their bicycle which I believe they were heading out to work. Tapi serius ramai gla rasa mcm nk terlanggar ak pon ada haha. Owh and I dont want to fail to mention this; Just note that Amsterdam is the city of bikes. Like seriously semua org naik gerek.

Again I am lucky sbb xdk org lagi time ni hehe

This is actually the site of the city. I think ni rumah org kot maybe

Okay random pict sbb look interesting. There were displaying the menu actually

After frust cari2 kedai halal byk xbukak lagi we decided to go to the apartment first. Lucky us on the way there we spotted shops selling halal products and also restaurant serving halal food. So marked. After arriving and settling at the apartment we decided to head out and off to Zaanse Schans we go! Sbb nk jimat masa keke. The journey to here lamala jugak around berapa jam ntah sbb dia blah atas from the city. But honestly, it was totally worth the drive*cis padahal bukan ak yg drive pon haha.

Zaanse Schans ni mcm perkampungan yg sgt cantekkkkk mendamaikan dansebagainyala haha. The windmills were so well-preserved and rumah org kat situ pon cantek2. I really love the environment there. If given a chance I would really love to stay here. Bela ayam tanam sayoq masak makan jalan2 hmm peaceful okay hehe.

Cantek kannnn hihi

Mana partner I? Hmmmm keke

They also sell cheese there. Harusla promote hasil perkampungan mereka jugak hihi. 

Next, we went to Volendam. Volendam ni  kalau nk samakan dgn tempat kat Malaysia ni dia mcm ala2 Puteri Harbour la or Langkawi hehe. Sbb Volendam mmg tempat utk perlabuhan. 

There is canal everywhere! 

Ha ni la harbour dia. Sebenaqnya ada mcm depa buat boleh naik kapai then pusing2 berapa round ntah tp berbayar la hehe.

Tempat jual souvenir. I suspect yg jual ni from Indonesion. Sbb dulu kan Dutch tawan Indonesia so there is a little bit of influence from both sides. Sbb I noticed restoran Indonesion pon byk kat city.

While in Volendam; eating what the Volendam eat. keke. Since there are close to the sea so of course seeafood. They even used the seasonings and sauces from Indonsiea. Owh and the makcik tu pon from there hehe.

Then we headed back. Penat haha.

The second day, we went out early to go to Keukenhof. Tempat wajib ni uolz. Memang time ni musim dia. They even provide busses from the airport to come here for the tourist. Kalau smlm kitorg headed north this one is more on the south sbb tu xleh buat sekali. The tickets were bought earlier online xingat dh berapa. Time kitrog smpai ni they were tourists from all over the world baru sampai jgak naik bas. But mostly from Indonesia. Keukenhof is actually a VERY LARGE garden. Like seriusly besaq gilaaaa. Dia siap bagi map tau and they even named the section like orange, purple mcm tu.

I dont know why I love these bare trees haha

Kreatif ;3

Actually time kitorg sampai ni tulip x bloom sepenuhnya lagi. But they have this huge place like a dome where they I believe force the tulips to bloom faster hehe. So this place is a closed environment and there were many types of flowers thereeee nak boh semua berat plak jadinya haha

Time dh nak dekat half tempat tu kitorg pusing hujan turun dgn lebatnya so basah lagi haha. Tapi nasib baik dia mcm byk tempat tertutup so bolehla berteduh. Every section displays different theme and showcase different flowers. Got this one place tunjuk orked batik okay cantekkkk.

While in Netherlands; eating what the Dutch eat. keke

See? Tulip kat luar is not yet fully bloomed thats why they have that place. 

Paling lama spent kat sini sbb tempat dia sgtlah besaq dan attractive. After that kitorg balik and went to the city again for sightseeing. 

The infamous Amsterdam canal. Okay I actually dont know what did they call it keke

Konon nk g Red Light District tp mcm x appropiate plak sbb ada org tua keke. We went around the city walking, headed to souvenir shop and it is not weird that you can get weed everywhere. Like seriously everywhere and you dont have to be secretive about it. In this souvenir shop they sell it like we sell those things like sweets etc yg kat meja kaunter tu. It is very common to smoke weed here and they even have names for it Mushroom, Muffin, Cookies apa lagi ntah Im just saying random names that I remembered from my chat with my male-friends keke. Cause I remembered when they asked me nak cookies? NAKKK dgn innocence but it is actually weed. -.- Of course they were joking but if you come to Ams please take note of these things. What may sound innocence turns out to be wrong in so many ways.

After a long walk and I think I have reach the point where I find the night life of Amsterdam really contradicts with mine, it is time to go back home. The night life was loud and the thing with Ams is they are very open about sexual thingy. They have shops that sell adult toys and actually displaying the sign clearly and it is a BIG shop. They even have adult theatre whatever that means with explicit figure and pictures on the front. Really those who love the night in Amsterdam city is either very social or they got lost. But for experience-wise it was okay provided you are not alone wondering in the city at night cause that will be scary. 

Overall, Netherlands; I really love the part of Netherlands which is on the countryside because it was more peaceful and the scenery is just out of this world. The city was great but the night life is not for me. But maybe there was a part of the city which is not anywhere near scary kalau jmpk bgtau okay keke. 

Sekadar hiasan. Restoran ni nama dia nama Berak sekian hahahahahaha

Tips for flying to Amsterdam. If you want to come to Ams during the start of tulip season try to turn on the notifications on Skyscanner for cheap flight. I think due to some agreement made between Dutch and Indonesia; the price for kl-amsterdam was only around MYR 1300+ something. But of course it was not during the peak season of the tulip. Sbb my friend came to Ams with that price and when I went there they were many Indonesians too. So maybe ada something la kan. Just try who knows. The range is between March to May. Maybe. :D

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kiorsly said...

omg, asal x pg Anne Frank house tu? I was deeply moved by her diary and one of the amazing book that I have ever read in my whole life. tp tulips tu mmg cntik - after amsterdam, ke mana plak? keep on writing, best ni bca pngalaman org g oversea.. =)