Plitvice Park, Croatia

Okay jom sambung lagi cerita Croatia. Following the previous post, upon our arrival at the bus station we quickly dropped our bag at the bus station. Luckily it does not cost us quite much. Much better to leave the bag than carrying it around with us walking up and down the hill and everything. Since we have bought the ticket beforehand we don't have to wait that long. The cost of the bus ticket is not that expensive it is around HRK 80 to 100 (Croatian Kuna) which is approximately 10 to 13 Euro. The journey is about 1 hour ++.  Sebab lama sgat perjalanan maka tido la keja haha.

Plitvice National Park is seriously one of the must see attraction if you come to Croatia. Serius, konfem xkan menyesal. Usually the time of the year for tourist to visit is during summer. Tapi ramai orang kalau summer. So maybe you might want to try late summer or spring. Winter not sure I dont think you will be able to enjoy it sbb even when we went there during summer it was cold but not that freaking cold just that breezy cold. The entrance fee for the park is around HRK 55 around 5.50 pound and 7.25 euro. You can get discounted ticket if you come in group, students and children's ticket will be slightly cheaper than adults. 

Upon entering the park, you can actually feel the breezy wind blowing softly to your face. View dia memang sumpah breathtaking! It really does feel worthwhile to have to endure the long journey and not to mention food issue haha. That's why it's very important to bring makanan okay. Memang makan roti ja time ni dhla jalan jauh lapaq pulak tu. Ada ja kafe kat situ and you can always eat it if you decided to eat fries or something seafood. Tapi dah kedekut tahan ja laa haha. 

So Plitvice National Park is VERY BIG! I didn't even know what is all about at first. I just thought that it was a park with air terjun tu ja. But no it is very huge! And all the slanted slope and everything memang mencabar jugakla *sbb lapaq kot* haha and also since I didn't know it will be that big memang p sana pakai sandal serlung tu ja memang. Wrong shoes baby wrong! Should have worn the sport shoes but well redho ja la haha. Walk first, feel the pain later. But walking in nature, you don't have to rush it you just have to soak it all in :)

I present to you the breathtaking Plitvice Park :D

Yang ni time kitorg kat atas lagi baru kat starting point. Mula2 tgok memang WOW cantek gilaaa. Pastu nampak plak orang lalu kat situ. MUST GO!

Two roads diverged, which one will go ganna take :P 

Punyala besaq Plitvice ni sampai kena naik bas okayy. It is like going from point A to point C lebih kurangla cause it is quite far jugak. Boleh ja jalan tapi rehatla kaki tu dulu iyedok. Bus ni free tapi adala point dia kat mana yg kita kena tunggu so beware.

After dh stop kita jalan lagi. But this way around we are actually crossing over the huge lake by a bridge. And here I thought naik bas tu dh habeh kahkah. Tapi sebenaqnya boleh ja kalau nk chow lepas turun bas tu sbb ada pintu kluaq jugak kat situ. Time tu kami xmau kluaq kot pintu lain sbb takut sesat so not taking that risk. Plus, I wanna walk through the bridge on the first pitcha that I took keke.

Here's a compilation of wefie :D

 Sori Kak Yanah tidoq pulak time ni haha

 Here we met some Malaysians too. Malays everywhere hehe.

 Okay sori Kak Kira pulak lena time ni haha

We have walked so much that the moment we saw the boat which is used to transport people from this side of the lake to that side we were VERY relieved. The only problem is ramai gla orang tang tu. Like seriously ramai dok beratoq dan bersesak2 kat situ. And that is when the unthinkable happen. Qilah pitam -.-  
It all started when we were in line waiting for our turn utk naik bot. Time dok bersesak2 tiba2 Qilah cakap rasa mcm nak pitam and yeah immediately after that she fainted. Cuak wey time tu and time tu semua org bagi kami naik bot dulu. Luckily she's recovering time atas bot. And that peeps that is why we need to have friends okay ;)

This is where the boat stops. 

Immediately after you are out of the boat, you can find toilet, cafe and other facilities. So selagi x sampai sini and you are hungry be strong baby haha. We stayed here for a while and rest. Tapi xdkla rehat sgt. Ingat dh dekat betoi dgn pintu masuk td rupanya kena jalan lagi kay haha. Jauh la jugak tapi xla mcm awai2 tadi it was better keke. But despite all the penat lelah sakit kaki, I am very happy and bless to have been given the chance to witness these very beautiful scenery ;)

And you know what, we have walked 20,000 steps that day. Ha amekaw. Lagi slim la maknoks. Dahla makan roti dan telan ayaq ja haha. 

 This is at the entrance. Time dh kluar baru ingat nk tangkap gmbar sbb time awai2 pulun sgt nk masuk awai haha

Semua scenery pokok and it was between stunning lakes and green tree. Blue and green all over.

 I am wearing the wrong shoes kahkah. Happy face. 

Kak Yanah beraksi menyelematkan Qilah yg kesusahan.

In conclusion, Plitvice is really mind-blowing-ly beautiful! It worth all the pain and sweat. 
Make sure you put it in your itinerary next time you come to Croatia. Worth you time :)

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