Zaanse Schans

The breathtaking Zaanse Schans. The view here was so beautiful that I think it is not fair to not share any additional post regarding this place.

Here are some of the things that you may want to know:

How to get there
You can get there either by bus, train or just drive there. Since I traveled in a group, we decided to rent a car since it is easier and cheaper. Especially when you are travelling with an older group it is much more convenient if you eases the mode of transportation. The cost for the parking will cost you around 9 Euro. Alternatively, you can check this link for more info on the mode of transportation.

Is it free?
Yes! It is free to enter the vast area of Zaanse Schans. However, there are several museums in this area and that one you will have to pay if you want to enter. It is advisable to buy the Zaanse Schans  card to enjoy a more privileges. So if you are not paying for anything you can just stroll around the area it is beautiful anyway cause it is like an open-air museum.

One tips when you are planning to come here is to check the weather first and plan your journey :D When we went there, it was all windy and gloomy looks like it's gonna rain. You can also get abroad a ship/boat to take a cruise along the river there. It will cost you a little bit but I am not sure what the price is.

Zaanse Schans is actually a residential area in 18th and 19th century which are brought to life which is a good way in preserving the culture and tradition. You can see these houses being well-preserved in their on way. Most of the houses were located along the small canal which is really beautiful :D

Look at the age of the cheese; 2 years! Well the longer the age of the cheese the higher the price will be. They sell this as one of the product of their villages.
And this is where they get all the resource:

Bela kambing banyak2 :P

Hence, if you ever did come to Amsterdam please and please drop by at Zaanse Schans. Though it is a long journey from the city, it will be really worth it. Refreshing air and fantastic view :)

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