Zadar, Croatia

Trip yang dah berlalu setahun yang lalu :P
It was around 30th May 2015 during our summer vacation. So in this trip it is a little bit different than before cause this time semua yang pergi semua gegirl haha #girlspower gittew kahkah
There are 6 of us; me, mint, faiqah, zie, qilah and kak kira. Here's some tips for going on a trip in a group;

1) Make sure you divide the task among the people in the group. Like for this trip; I was in charged with accommodation, mint and qilah is on the itinerary*where to go etc., faiqah on transportation, zie is on money changing/treasurer and kak kira is on activity.We even held meetings, presentation and all haha gigih.

2) Bought the tickets beforehand like very3 early. I think we bought it like one month earlier if I'm not mistaken. I use Skyscanner to compare the tickets. It is very useful cause you can filter it according to when is the cheapest month/day to travel and to where. It does help us a LOT! There is also another apps which you can use which is called Kayak. Equally good. 

3) Draft your itinerary, print it and bring it with you. Includes also in the itinerary the address of the place which you are going to stay as it may come in handy when you have arrived and is dealing with the immigration. Take a screenshot of the itinerary and also the tickets you have booked if you are travelling to different countries in one go cause sometimes the officers at the immigration will ask for that information.

4) Discuss what to bring and divide it among yourselves. Especially food. But dalam trip ni semua org malaih nak bawak makanan banyak2 mostly bawak roti ja and also chocolate lots and lots of chocolate. Megi pon boleh tapi hancurla nnt haha.

5) And lastly, be tolerate and have high patience haha. P ramai2 ni banyak kerenahnya besala lain kepala lain perangainya hehe. But it was all fun. The most important part is you have to take care of each other. Seronok2 jugak tapi keselamatan tu penting. Dok negara orang kan kenala jaga diri elok2.

Okay enough of those tips. Let's get down to the story itself. The first destination of our summer trip is Zadar which is located in Croatia. Actually this is just like a transit destination cause it is the cheapest :P Our aim is to actually go to Dubrovnik. Well not our mostly that was my aim cause that is the location of the Game of Thrones :D hahhahahahaha. So usaha selagi mampu.
We arrived at Zadar at night it just like maybe 2 hours flight from Manchester. It's not that long. Upon arriving, we booked a taxi to the hostel where we will be staying for one night. The hostel is more like a dorm they have double-deck beds. Lucky for us we are not sharing our dorm cause we are already six. The hostel is a mix-concept hence you gotta share the bathroom haha. Imagine going to the toilet wearing tudung omaigod. Nasib baik xpayah tido pakai tudung hahaha. That's why I always prefer Airbnb rather than something else. But didn't have much choice cause we can't really afford somewhere else cause it is so expensive :/
Anyhow, since we arrived at night it is hard to see how the view was in Zadar.

On board! Ryanair, always is the best mode of transportation for Eurotrip cause it is very cheap :P It was like Airasia in Malaysia.

We woke up the next morning to this view.

Rustic isn't it?
Lepas dh bersiap semua check-out and it is time to take a walk around the area.

 We were walking around this area because we are on the way to find the bus station. It seems that they have like a harbor fill with ships dekat tgah2 canal tu. So beautiful! Since time ni still awai xdak sapa pon lagi yg ada so xnampak apa aktiviti yg depa buat haha.

Stunning! Kalaula boleh naik. KALAU hahahaha

Random picture of some house on our way to the station.

Crew members :P

The journey to the bus station is quite far. But not that long like 1 hour. If I'm not mistaken it took about almost 30 minutes. It was all good cause we can enjoy the scenery too. The reason we are going to the bus station is to catch our bus to Plitvice National Park. Since that is going to be a long post I'm gonna stop here and continue again some other day :P 


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