Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hye again!
Okay harini nak sambung lagi pasal Summer trip haritu. Selepas berhempas-pulas berjalan kaki menghabiskan the entire route of Plitvice National Park, kitorg chow around petang macam tu kot maybe or later than that. Not sure :P 
Sampai2 ja station bus ha kebuloq baqhang. Sumpah lapaq. Mana taknya minum ayaq ja dgn telan roti jalan banyak nak mampoih haha. Lucky for us ada kedai makan kat station bus because we ain’t walkin no more please. Haha. As usual the only food that you can order is either vege or seafood. So we ordered this one big pizza I think it is margerhita or maybe tuna xingat and also fries for each of us. Konon2 ganti nasikla haha. Margherita is just tomato guys so you can eat it. We tried our best to eat very slowly sbb nak lepak lama kat kafe haha. Sbbnya there is no other place that we want to go sbb dh xmau jalan and also sbb nk naik bas malam tu to go to our next destination which is Dubrovnik! Hohoho. 

Excuse muka buruk look at the pizza so BIG hahahaha

So aktiviti menunggu hanyalah scrolling pictures, debating on which photo looks the best, sembang2, review itinerary and trying to sleep haha. It was a very long night for us sbb bas tu is around pukul 1 xsilap. Haha. Luckily, station bas xdkla mcm krik2 sgt. I mean facilities tu adala and quite selesa. Xdakla rasa mcm xselamat ka apa. Tu pun ada few times yg tiba2 org dtg *yg mcm mabuk and try nak bersembang dgn diorg. Cuak jugak tapi jgn make eye contact tu penting hahaha.

After a long awaited moment, bas pun sampai. Naik2 ja bas krohhhh semua ketiduran. Haha. Orang x ramai so boleh duduk sesuka hati haha. Around 7 am rasanya kitorg sampai Dubrovnik stesen bas. It was actually not that far from our reserved Airbnb house. So kitorg pon jalan je saving haha. 

Previously I have contacted the landlord and luckily tak sesat given the direction haha.
The house was actually really convenient in terms of the location although it is quite far from the city itself but for me it was very comfortable sbb x busy and quite safe. The landlady live right next to our house. So it is very easy if something’s happen. The house has only one room if I am not mistaken tapi ada dua katil xsilap. But the landlady provided us with tilam and enough bantal kat ruang tamu. But since the living room is big so it does not takes up that much space.
Since we arrived there early in the morning, we decided to just clean ourselves a lil bit and sightseeing kat city. Sebelum tu menyerok megi dulu satu dua sudu haha. To get to the city, we took a local bus. The bus stop is not that far from our house also. The journey is not that long only a couple of minutes which means the city is actually quite near to our house. Sampai2 ja perghh I have all these images of Game of Thrones in my head playing all over. The feeling is very surreal. Can’t actually believe I am here :D

The castle serve as kubu pertahanan I think because it is located sebelah laut like exactly besides it. The structure I must say it was very well-preserved and looks very classic. The only thing’s missing is the medieval uniform or else we will be a part of that old time haha. Being a fan of GoT I started surveying the price for the GoT tour. Because you can just simply enter some part of this castle on yourselves. Sadly the price is quite high but I don’t remember how much was it. Luckily not that HUGE fan so xproceed haha. Instead we decided to just take a stroll at the city wandering around the castle because there is some area which you can enter. 

To see the view of the castle wholly we need to climb these stairs and some more to get to the top where you can view the overall castle.

okay jom panjat

Dah sampai. See the castle behind us

The castle. Cantek! I can almost imagine Cersei dok kat tingkap overlooking the ocean while planning her devious plan haha

Crystal clear blue sea 


These houses were located on the hill on the other side of the castle. The one in front is a hotel expansive one I think.

Dah habis situ we decided to go sightseeing at the city. It was beautiful! The building was white all over. Nampak mcm luas gilaaaa.

Narrow alley everywhere. These are actually shops and some of it are houses.

Very well-preserved!

After a while we got hungry and we just go to this one restaurant. Beria pelayan tu promote seafood ni is okay halal la apala haha. Okayla sbb dia tau kami Muslim so dia pun suggest spaghetti seafood sajo hehe.Sedap! 

Dah habis makan sambung lagii. For those who follow GoT, This is the infamous stairs where Cersei walks her Walk of Atonement. I dont know what they actually called it I was about to type Walk of Shame hahahaha

Oh no I am not taking that walk haha :P

Oh. While we are here, we met Yusof an Indonesian who is traveling alone. So yeah lets take a selfie haha. Yusof was traveling alone from Bosnia then here. So cool. He was studying in Paris.

Or Gopro okay haha

This is the other side of the city which Yusof showed us. Nasib baik jumpak Yusof. 

Antek angattttt. And yeah the weather was SuperHOT. haha

Then Yusof brough us here. There is actually people jumping from this cliff into the ocean omaigod. Plus there were women everywhere sunbathing hahahaha. Abaikan gambar yg censored kahkah

After thinking that we have had enough jalan2 and had explored  every inch of the city that we can, beli souvenir then decided to go home. Plus it has been hourssss alreadyy.

This is the entrance to the city

Okay acekewim dulu!

Overall, Dubrovnik city is very magnificent and beautiful! I love how the building still has it aesthetic value which reflects their civilization and identity. Would really love to come back here again simply because of the scenery! 

That's all! Nanti sambung lagi pasal perjalanan kitorg nk balik rumah yg penuh dgn cabaran hahahahaha plus the scenery around our house.

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