Beautiful Mostar #1


This post has been in the draft for such a LONG time. Can't really comprehend the busyness with study skrang. Okay let's leave it at that. Today I will continue my summer trip which was around 2 years back and I kinda missed it so much now. So this is like reliving the moment haha.

So after Dubrovnik, the journey continues to Mostar, Bosnia (MY MOST FAVOURITE PLACE). We went there by bus which took about 4/5 hours.

Yg ni kalau drive so kalau naik bas lagi lambat la tambah dgn kena cek kastam lagi haha

We arrived around noon at the bus station. After contacting the Airbnb host, we took a taxi. The taxi there was not like our taxi in Malaysia. They does not have the same car and even not the taxi sign. Being a torn-war country it is much expected. The scenery along the journey I would say quite interesting. It is a balance between being a city and like a village (sort of).

If I'm not mistaken this is a university.

Caught this man posing like he was doing a photoshoot or something haha. Btw i'm in the car

Sampai2 ja situ host airbnb pon jemput. The host, Sejma didn't come but her sister came and greeted us. She showed us around the house which I am really satisfied cause it was big and comfy. Dua tingkat and ada 2 bilik and ruang tamu pun diorg letak katil and ada aircond so tiptop! Haha. Before we started our trip, I have made an arrangement with Sejma and asked her a couple of questions on where to go and everything. They did offer some tour package which cost us around 50 euro each which will cover the whole trip for 2 days. So right after we have finished settled down and refreshes ourselves, we straight away went to Kravice waterfall :D

The sister (I don't remember her name) tapi ada sorang lagi yg akan bawak kitorg yg tu ingat sbb hensem kahkah, Abg Edin hahahahahaha. Serius cair baqhanggg hahaha. Okay berbalik kepada cerita, the journey to Kravice was quite far (that's why they proposed to go here first) but the scenery along the journey was very beautiful nak tido pon xjadi.

Okay I lied. I slept :P

These are some of the houses along the journey to Kravice waterfall. Macam ala2 masuk kampung la gitu

By the way, to go to Kravice, there is no public transport that's why we opt for this package instead. If you go by taxi it will cost you around 60 euro if I am not mistaken hence, our package is kinda cheap sbb p banyak tempat (apadia tu nanti cerita haha). After almost an hour camtu kot kitorg pon sampai. 

Dalam van *credit mint*

Peaceeee. Nasib baik ada photographer haha. See behind us is the waterfall. Freaking huge!

Kravice waterfall was very BEAUTIFUL! Like seriously. It was like a magical place.

The orangputih sunbathing cause it is Summer yaww. *credit mint*

Group photo wajib.

Selpiaq wajib haha

It was unfortunate that we didnt terjun dan mandi. But for me I was afraid cause I cannot swim so being able to witness the magnificent scenery was more than enough for me. To know such place exist that was my #subhanallahmoment

We spent around 2/3 hours here then we went back. This place is really99999 beautiful. If you got the chance to come to Mostar do add this place in your list *kalau boleh mandi lagi best*

Was testing my close-up lense.

Till then~

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