Beautiful Mostar #2


Okay jom sambung cerita Mostar yg seterusnya. The day after we went to Kravice waterfall, the plan is Abg Edin (gitu haha) will take us to Blagaj Tekija and Pocitelj around the afternoon. So we got up early that day cause we don't wanna miss any single moment here and was planning to actually go sightseeing around the city Mostar itself. Cause it was very close to our house. Here you can expect to find the well-preserved old building, of course the famous Old Bridge or famously known as Stari Most, Koski Mehmed-pašina džamija (an old mosque but you have to pay to enter. But you can get a magnificent view of the stari most from this mosque) and let's not forget the only place I have enjoyed food the most when I was on this trip which is great food :D (of course the magnificent kambing haha). Since the majority of the citizen here is Muslim so there is no problem to get halal food here. So these are the pictures around the old city of Mostar. From our house to the city is only like a 5-minute walk so it is very near.

I dont know what does these words mean hahaha

If you look closer you can see the marks of the bullet from the war. 

This way to the Stari Most!

Tada~ gigih turun bawah nk tgkp gambar haha. There was actually one person who attempted to jump from the bridge and after a LONG wait he did jumped. Penat tggu haha

Really love the atmosphere! Since this is a Muslim country you can expect them to sell this thing; pashmina.

Seriously I really love the building here. Maybe because it is white? Maybe haha.

More shops. 

Mostar I'm in LOVE <3 font="">

I am really happy to be able to share this magnificent place here.
And the awesomeness doesn't ends here. Nanti sambung lagi hihi.

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