oh! final~

huhu..it has come to the end of the semester now..
but still got one more paper to finish with..
owh o.chem...please don't disappoint me..huhu..
the first day of the final exam was like haa....blur~~
the second day was like..whatt???? masa dah abis ka??
the third paper was really999 like...errr...i think i will get a fever..huhu...

academic writing was really confusing yet i managed to goreng2 the essay but don't know if it is rite or wrong...
then i was kinda regret for not doing the assignment on nanoparticles since it is kinda related i mean the techniques of answering..huhu...sedey~~
time allocated dh la 2 hours only..if we all are a walking dictionary then it is ok la~ huhu..
the first of one hours was spent by looking + staring at the 4 articles only..huhu
when i got 1 more hours to go then the nerve started to get me on..huhu...ketaq kot..
nasib baikla sempat abis huhu...the final coursework haven't come out yet...but so far i managed to get 29/35..okla tu..25% more will be covering the research paper and it left 40% for the final..huhu...

about differential equation abbreviated d.e
huhu..i love this subject but somehow when it come to test, quiz or final exam
i will become like what is that..never learn of it before..huhu...
although the questions were only 5 + the time was 3 hours still haa...huhu..
the question was so hard that i can only manage to answer half of each question without the final answer hehe...
the coursework mark that i get for this subject is 30/40 which is i think a good sign..but..
60% for final?? ermmm...i don't know what will i get..huhu..

physical chemistry..

owh p.chem...why do you do this to me...
i love u so much u know..huhu..
p.chem was the only subject that i had hope with to get an A
but after the exam...can i still managed to get B??
so frustrating...the questions were just so hard..huhu..
my coursework is quite good that is 44/50 but the final is really killing me off..

organic chemistry..
don't know what to say..
please don't disappoint urself izzati..=D


my BFF#5
cik Haziana binti Yazir

the last for this chapter
nama makcik ni seperti yg tertera di atas ialah
cik haziana..tapi org pggil dia gg
wonder y?
ntah..ak pun xtau..gg dia ok ja..nama dia pun xdk ura2 gg pun..
carry drpada sekolah rendah kot..

first time jumpak dia...
time ak form 1..
dia kelas dgan ak..kelas 1 kreatif..
dulu dia dgan zaidah..
ak pun xpasti bila kitorg baik..
tapi...at the end of the day...kitorg jadi besfren la..

suka duka ak dgan dia....
erm..ad k eh??
rasa mcm xdk ja..haha..
one thing for sure..ak xingat bila ak nangis sama2 dgan dia..hee...
yg ak tau ak gelak smpai sakit perut kalo dgan makcik ni..hee..

benda yg ak suka pasal dia..
bagi ak..insan yg bernama haziana ni tersgtla happening orgnya..
happy-go-lucky gitu..
serius kalo ak dok dgan dia memang ak xknal la erti air mata tu ap..
sbb dia tersgatlah lawak..haha...
tambah ag kalo dia tag team dgan mint..adoila...
kluar air mata ak..hee..
lagi..makcik ni tersgatlah sempoi orgnya..
ak lawak gila kalo dgar crita pasal dia dgan pakwe dia..
dua2 sempoi ja orgnya..haha..
lagi..dia sgtlah gila2 orgnya..ak ingat ag first time ak naik kreta dia bawak..
time tu nk balik a.s..
dia lggar 2 lampu merah kot..haha...
dhla parking masuk porch umah ak dgan laju skali..haha..
tapi xpa..dia sgat brani utk bawak kreta yg manual..hee..
dia ni memahami jgak orgnya..
crita ja la apa pun kat dia walaupun dia gila2 orgnya..
dia akn try utk faham masalah kita..

drifting away...
makcik ni ialah org first yg perg meninggalkan kami..
(hee...pindah sekolah la)
time form 4..dia dpat offer pg teknik..
teknik highway..so..dia pun perg la..
kalo time cuti..suah gla nk jumpak dia sbb kadang2 tu dia p kl la..
johor la..mana2 la..
skrang dia study kat uitm sri iskandar...
dekat gla kot dgan ak..tapi skali pun xpernah jumpak..hee..

like all the other..
i always hope our friendship will last for a long period of time..
ak arap...
xd sapa yg lupakan sapa2.. and xdk sapa yg lukakan sapa2..
last but not least...
jom3 perg a.s ag...hee..=D