Hey I am back!

Actually it has been ages since I came back from the UK
Like 2 months and 2 weeks? hihi
Donno what I have been doing, I guess enjoying my relaxing/peaceful time? kiki
Jobhunt is on active progress. Like I am still submitting for a new application
But so far no rezeki yet. It's okay lets just keep praying for the best hihi
I dont know if I am being too choosy but I don't think so. At first  I am still having ahigh hope in oil and gas industry. But with the current trend at the moment, I might have to kiss oil and gas industry a kiss of goodbye for a moment :'D
At the moment I am trying to learn how to sew baju kurung. For future purposes. :D nanti dh xpayah nk tempah org*katanyala haha
Besides that, I wanted to register for short courses programme but haven't got the chance to do so.
Remind me again what am I doing all these while? keke
All in all, I am just enjoying my free time at the moment being the only child at home hehe
But if given the choice I would not want to be unemployed for a long time* still got a lot of things to do/commitment
So that's why I'm thinking of applying for cikgu sementara for the upcoming school session haha

Below are the summary of what I have been through up to this date :D

1) Faiqah's wedding
Well of course this would be the highlight of what I did since I came back.Can't really believe she's married! Omaigod. Plus it was such a joy to have met the gang-GPL. Well not all of them; only Che and Yun. It was a nice/quick catch-up sesh. It was always very lovely to meet the gossipgirls. keke. Owh and the fellow UTPian too. Being unemployed, I came to the wedding with my parents. hehe. I know my mum would never allowed me to go there alone. So they came too. Besides, Faiqah personally extended her wedding invitation to my mum so it is not that nice to be absent now does it? So the trip for Faiqah's wedding has quickly changed to a trip to pantai timur instead. We went to Terengganu first before heading to Kelantan. And dont even ask me why we went to ganu first. keke.

2) Well of course; the official result of my study
I don't quite remember the exact date but it was something on the mid of November I think? All praise to god I passed :D That's all that matters sobs. Alhamdulillah I am very relieved. Finally I am a graduate of Master of Science in Advanced Process Integration and Design :')
To those who wanted to pursue master; if you are not like lolie*well I know maybe someday lolie will read this post ;p* don't ever think of pursuing this seriously-technical course. It was so freaking hard! At least for me it was. Take management instead. I am not saying it is easier but at least it is a whole bunch less technical than my course was. Nevertheless, I am really glad I took this course. It really does taught me nothing worth having comes easy. It taught me that you need to fail first in order to succed. And most importantly, it taught you to never give up and do everything that you can to reach the finishing line. So yeah, it taught me how to be more of a 'student' which I am sure I am most certainly not when I was in UTP. 

Owh and I went to KL like almost 2 weeks staying with my favourite GPLian-wawan hihi. Then dating time weekend bersama wawan dan yan. Oh bahagianya kalau dok skali dgn depa keke. Hmm I wanted to put pictures in this post but semua still dalam phone. So nantila update lagi hihi

Azam bulan 12 xbanyak pon. Nak update cerita kat UK selama setahun okay? Hihi

*I wrote this because someone requested it. So I hope when that person read this post he will also post something in his blog. keke. Kbye. Nanti jumpak lagi.

Dah berhabuk oi!

It has been ages since I last updated my blog. hehe. Bukan ada org nak heran pon blog untuk tatapan sendiri mmg xpayah update selalu hee. 
Anyway, I got A LOT and I mean it A LOT to cater in my plate at the moment.
Really999999999999999 hope I will get through this
In the mean time, sebenaqnya nak update pasal summer-trip haritu tapi xberkesempatan
Kali ni nk update gambaq ja la nanti kita story2
In other note, sekarang Manchester panas!
Harini 28degreeC. Which is the highest yg ak pernah alami sepanjang dok sini
Tapi still xleh lawan Malaysia la 28 ni still sejuk hehe.
Okay dh nk sambung kerja. Main library kosong mcm xberpenghuni which is great for me. :D

Teka tempat hihi. Kbye.


Yeah finally I submitted my proposal
And let me just say how relieved I am although I know it wasn't good as I was hoping it would
but nevermind there will always be a time for improvement aite?
Well the story behind the proposal was so bad
Cause you see at the first place I got misconcept about how things should be
Well this implies that I haven't do my article reading that much aite?
And the worst part was I only got like 3 days to actually redo my literature review!
Bad. Just plain bad.
I did what I could.
These past few weeks have been tough on me
3 coursework, proposal submission
And fever
And eating disorder-sbb makan bila lapaq teruk saja
Who would have thought studying could be this hard?
Well I don't obviously!
It was soooooooooooooooooooo different from what it was when I was doing degree
If we got an assignment I would have just copy-paste it from my friend
And to not making it obvious, I would paraphrase a little bit here and there
but here
every coursework/assignment you need to submit it to turnitinuk
like every single assignment!
so you will really like need to do it on your own
or you can refer to your friend but be very not so obvious about referring them
but how can you refer to your friend when all of them is the same as you? muahahahaha
okay la
dengan harapan turnitin utk proposal x tinggi hmmmm
nervous noks!

So actually this is not the end that I was hoping for
We got exam like in two weeks. Kayface.

P/S: Sapa cakap budak belajar overseas asyik travel saja dan blajar xteruk? I am like literally ayaq mcm dh nk dekat lubang hidong okay! hahaha

Hye its April already?

Ohmaii how time flies!
Yesterday I sent my parents back to Malaysia
and after almost 16 hours of struggling at last I managed to finish my coursework in time
there are two of them okay!
hmm padahal haritu beria sembang dgn faiqah xnk buat last minit dah hahahaha
in addition, demam pulak tu! dugaannn
semalam terpaksa tidoq awai sbb peing yg dh xtahan
tgahari td pulak hantar coursework dgn keadaan xmandi haha
lepas asaq teruih pengsan haha
now tgah tggu masa ja nk tidoq balik
dear diary nanti i update lagi okay.

Polska Part 3!

Gubalowka (Pronounced as Gubawolfka :P)

Actually this is where we were planning to play ski and snowboard
But due to some circumstances*there is less snow than expected so we changed the venue
Yet we still came here as it is one of the main attraction in Zakopane
Still need to go up there by cable car
Gubalowka is actually kinda small village uphill
So those who work down below*in the town they need to commute by cable car everyday
I wouldn't want to complain taking the cable car everyday to work cause the view is magnificent :D
Actually there are a lot of activities that we can do there but due to winter most of activities stopped
So the only activity that we did was sightseeing haha
And lucky for us; it snows!

Cubaan beboys menjadi comel kaka

Gegurls don't even have to try haha

Opocot! Ni nama dia gaya swag Mint haha

Ni seh hingus Kak Kira haha

Bajet comel terr

My Pokoje-ian :D 

Ni holiao Ayin haha 

It snows!

And thanks to the high definition DSLR, gambar cantek2. Tq abiangjay haha

Okay lompat sepam! Time ni kaki okay lagi*sebelom kejadian haha

Polska Part 2!


The ever so stunningly-beautiful Kasprowy Wierch
While being totally mesmerized with the view up here, you can't really ignore the fact that it was freaking cold up there!
When we were there the temperature was -6degreeC. Ohmy!
The only thing that I remembered was the timeless moment where I ran inside and hug the heater*literally haha

Fun facts about Kasprowy-Wierch;
It is the border of Poland and Slovakia. In fact Slovakia is just like the other side of the mountain
and depending on the weather you can actually entered Slovakia because apparently, Poland and Slovakia are a part of Schengen zone and the admission there is neither controlled nor forbidden.
Too bad we didn't know that earlier. Would have packed our bag and entered Slovakia for one day if possible haha. 

Anyway the view from Kasprowy was totally breathtaking.
Feeling totally blessed given the opportunity. :')

Family portrait! 

Sejuk woi! Boleh pulak acah2 duduk kat Machester pakai mcm ni haha

Summer lagi nanti jom? 

Polska: Zakopane


I'm in Polska yaww

It was my first time experienced sleeping at the airport and slept on the bus like a boss at the back seat haha
Anyway, from Krakow airport to Zakopane the journey was about 3 hours by bus.
Along the journey, the view was spectacular but unfortunately my eyes were to heavy to record the beauty of the scenery :/
Upon arrival at Zakopane, pergh cantek uolz jakun sebentar tgok salji lol. haha
Setelah struggling mencari hostel*sbb pakcik teksi xfaham omputih bolehla sikit2 haha
kitorg pon smpai di tempat penginapan and it was beautiful! 
After semayang dan settle down sebentar dgan gigih dan semangat kental
we went to Bialka untuk main snowboard dan ski
hmmm gigih uolzz because we have already arrived late at the house but then gigih lagi p main ski haha
Balik2 tido bertemankan megi asam laksa dan lebam2 beserta sengal2 di badan haha.

Jalan sikit tangkap gambar canee hahahaha

Longkang pon cantek sbb overseas haha

Le boys

Le girls

Pokoje group photo 1!

Pokoje group photo 2!

Pokoje group photo 3!

Okay. Ni acah2 okay. Jangan tertipu dgan muka bahagia tu. Senyum xbermakna pro.

Winter Break!

It is  my first winter break!
Well, my only winter break cosidering duduk setahun je kat sini haha. LOL.
So last winter break we went to Polska! a.k.a Poland.
By we, I mean the Everlovable haha
My crazy-fun-nice-gelong Everlovable.
Basically, it is the combination of the occupants of Grandola, Ruskin and Dynamo street.

Back to the story,
the plan of going to Polska was actually the adhoc plan because at first we were actually planning to go to Scotland on a road trip with the main reason to play ski and snowboard.
Tapi hakak Scotland xleh gerenti pulak snow turun time kitorg nk pg tu so tukar la plan. Tgok2 Scotland yg snowing habis tempat yg awal2 plan nk pg kat Poland tu xbersalji haha.
Nevertheless, ever heard of you might lose something but you will get something better?
Well the way I view it, the decision of going to Polska was the best thing we will ever got.
Know why?

In terms of currency, 1 Pound = 5 Zloty (Polska currency). Feeling dia macam duit Malaysia and UK. So untuk travel bajet mcm kitorg yg student ni mampu la untuk berjimba di sana. hihi
Nak rent equipment untuk snowboard and ski pon murah tahap nk nangis. Because previously we were comparing the prices with the one in Austria. Mahal uolz. Mungkin sbb dia guna Euro kot. So kat Poland ni mmg boleh main puas2 la walaupun sebenarnya xmain pon test ketebalan ais je byak haha. Accommodation pon murah and bersih dan cantik! Hmmm boleh jadi duta Poland tak agak2 promote kaw2 dh ni. Org dia pon friendly2. Cuma ada satu ja kekurangan, mereka ini kurang fasih berbahasa omputih. Maka terjadilah situasi seperti ayam berbalas cakap dgan itik. There are certain words that we picked up from there

Goodnight: Debranok
TQ: Yankuyeh
Yes: Tak
*excuse the spelling xtau pon betul ke tak. Spelled in accordance to how I say it haha.

Kaka. Sebenarnya xblajar drpd diorg pon. Belajar drpd Amir dia beria ckp Poland before pg haha.

Okay nantila sambung dgan gambar. This will be quite lengthy kalau nk compress satu post haha. Like ada org kisah.

Looks easy but...

It is now the third week of the new semester! Ohmy. How time flies.
The last couple of weeks were kinda rough for me.
Examinations and lost of my two relatives.

Let's start with a lighter one which is the exams. Well I assure it is not that light.
I can't even express how I felt when I was finished with my last paper.
Such a huge relief.
Although technically, I have learnt all of the subjects for this semester when I was in my final year first.
But still, hmmmmm
Taknak complaint plis! All that I got left to say is;
This must be the most rajin time I have ever been before
Yet, this is also the first time I got panick attack when answering the question.
Panik dia tahap nak pengsan okay. Taktipu. 
Ohmy. Harap2la lulus. Nak aim distinction memang dh xbolehla bro. Nak lulus pon merangkak. -..-

The second one.
I lost two of my relatives in an accident. :'(
Really hope I can be there at that time.
Suddenly it makes me think what if the situation was reversed and it was me?
Ya Allah. I know it is something that all of us must go through one day but seriously not strong at the moment.
Dear cousin; Maznie,
Do remember
Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya melebihi kemampuan mereka. 
I know you will stay strong as you already were :')

That being said, appreciate the one that you love and those who love while u still can.
Don't let the time passes as regret.
Btw, it was kinda a roller-coaster ride for me.
Cause I am one of those who rather sit and cry alone than expressing publicly what I felt with everyone else.
So I might look ok but I am really not. Yeah konflik dgan diri sendiri haha.
Cancelled my trip to Scotland and went to class at the first week. While majority of my friends were out and about having their post-exam vacation haha.
But deep down, I am glad.
Things happen for a reason and I will always believe that. 
Cause you see, at the first place I was the one yg rebel nk ponteng kelas. :P