shabu.shabu. and karokss

it has been  long time since i posted something about my dearest GPL
even yg melaka pon xupdate lagi
adoiila..forgive me for my laziness haha
so last friday we went out for our first outing as a final year student
haha..xg mana pon
pg shabu shabu sajeee
tu je yg mampu dompet pun dh terkoyak rabak haha
kitorg sampai around pkul 8 camtu dh lambat dh
lpas maghrib terus meliar
disebabkan baru haritu ak dtg shabushabu maka perut capacity pon menurun
adala berapa ketul je ketam yg boleh dihadam
haha..diorg ni mcm biasala. mcm boya dh masing2 haha
lama gakla kitorg kat situ sampai abisla citer izzu islam yg hensem tu hehe
lpas tu next destination; karoks!
haha amek 2 jam terus amekaww tu pun rasa mcm xcukup haha
penat gakla dok melalak
tapi lagu paling best i must say it was cintaku seratus persen-mas idayu
muahahahaha itu sgat epic okay!
walaupun suara ak memang serius xsedap
tapi ak xkesah. melalak ja kerjanya haha
it is right; woman doesn't need to use microphone
it is as loud as if we were using it. haha
anyway it was such fun to hang out with the gurlss
we arrived quite late around 230 am aishh meliar benau haha
lpas tu masing2 mcm hangover teruk haha
adoii mengalahkan org yg pergi clubbing
erk. x2. kidding. hehe
with that; byeee
currently tgah melayan dragon ball muahaha

GPL <3 font="">

krew MBL :D

krew KBR haha :D

cute baby spotted at shabu shabu hehe

Final Year Project

it has been weeks since we all got our FYP title
walaupun xdapat apa yg dimintak
tapi okayla. *yg mintak pon xtau apa haha
the interesting part is i got the same supervisor for my FYP as well as my FYDP i will be with her for 2 semester and my 12 credit hours depend totally on her
adoi. susah jgak tu hehe..
she is a Chinese lecturer graduated from USM
Dr Yeong Yin Fong
first meeting FYDP dgan dia i found that she is quite nice and a very helpful sv
i loike.
anyway my FYP title was changed to something else
she left me with two choices and she totally leave it to me to choose it
so i think she is very nice.
xdela sesuka hati je tukar tajuk kita kan. my FYP project title is

Development of T-type Zeolite for Separation of CO2

hahahahahahaha don't ask me
i don't have any idea on what that is. muahahaha
need to do many ground research before i can proceed with the extended proposal writing.

hoping for the best.
time management is very important.
and so far i failed. haha