new thing on the block..haha..

i got a new hobby 
i think so..
that is...
editting pictures..
it is still new and still berjinak2 hee..
yet the outcome very satisfies me (so far)
i use this software which i downloaded from the internet..
it came from zahidah lappy..
thanks dear! =D
i just managed to edit a few 
but for now..this is the example..

editted photo of me + you encik wan ahmad ammar bin wan abd aziz
nnt nk edit ag haha ;p


am said...

wah!!!!cik izzati binti uncle wahab kita dh pndai edit2 gambaq no...hehe nice work dear...keep going..looking forward to see your arts....hehehe...

p/s: i love you...=)

me said...

hee...nnt aty edit ag na syg..

p/s : i love u too..=)